I Cannot Sleep

Haven’t written in a loooong while, too long for my own good. For Poetry and writing are actually LIFE for me. When I am without I am lost, confused, not whole.

So here is something I thought up this morning when I could not get back to sleep.


I cant go back to sleep. So prose has creeped – inside my cerebral walls – I stall, seeking a way into – darkness. I mark this occasion with melodies that ask of me answers to questions I don’t wish to see – to hear – to here I find, sullen eyes and hopes tripped up on future lullabies. And yet I still cannot sleep.

©RhaeSeals2016February’s first and first of the year



Saw this film (1/30/16) in Denton, Tx, Black Film Festival at Campus Theatre. By far the top of the three seen. Hilarious of course, yet held a great perspective on how we use the idea of ownership to the Black Card. And how that affects/effects us and the way we maneuver within that concept/dichotomy.


Just cause I’m still drawing on inspiration, energy, and love from Fire & Ink4, 2015 writers conference.

in Detroit, Michigan (3)

sitting finding music in silent skies, mama still crying blood thick tears, years spent

raising a boy half-way unto a man, lay slain against greasy asphalts, taught not to leave

heavy weaving in and out of worlds meant to protect him solely, holy rollin’ can’t save his

Blackened soul cruising between sharp dark blades of grass, its his past, its his

forbidden body bouncing lightly against indigo blue seas, and me wishing healing for

mama, staring behind her own reflection, a dedication 6 feet

BlackLand for Mama & T.R.


in Detroit, Michigan (2)

he knew my existence and cared
not carrying weight to a responsibility
that he was placed in,

years later, say 33 and me reaching
words with someone heard, whom
didn’t hear me,

I witness this injustice of not
needing to be explained to of not
your judgement yet judge,

let this go too, need not you as you
of me, say good-bye to one family,
and another I thought I longed,

was so wrong, yet here at F&I, I am
reminded of the possibilities of
Who and how I be,

…blessed gifted talented bestowed,
and this I know.

– No NOLA in this Blood –