Just cause I’m still drawing on inspiration, energy, and love from Fire & Ink4, 2015 writers conference.

in Detroit, Michigan (3)

sitting finding music in silent skies, mama still crying blood thick tears, years spent

raising a boy half-way unto a man, lay slain against greasy asphalts, taught not to leave

heavy weaving in and out of worlds meant to protect him solely, holy rollin’ can’t save his

Blackened soul cruising between sharp dark blades of grass, its his past, its his

forbidden body bouncing lightly against indigo blue seas, and me wishing healing for

mama, staring behind her own reflection, a dedication 6 feet

BlackLand for Mama & T.R.


in Detroit, Michigan (2)

he knew my existence and cared
not carrying weight to a responsibility
that he was placed in,

years later, say 33 and me reaching
words with someone heard, whom
didn’t hear me,

I witness this injustice of not
needing to be explained to of not
your judgement yet judge,

let this go too, need not you as you
of me, say good-bye to one family,
and another I thought I longed,

was so wrong, yet here at F&I, I am
reminded of the possibilities of
Who and how I be,

…blessed gifted talented bestowed,
and this I know.

– No NOLA in this Blood –


in Detroit, Michigan (1)

It’s been an entire month since I last posted.  Ahhh!!  Life I’m living, living this Life I am.  I’ve been well though, if you’re interested.  Ha.  Guess I better blog about it ^ Dear Journal ^.

Check it:

(exercise1: F&I:Biomythography)

i imagine sticky thick airs
standing there swatting tiny vampires stinging at my skin
they’re nibbles burn beneath my viens
she says “they ain’t botherin me
we smile
with deep memories of just before
traveling backward into histories laid hot across fields covered in bruised battered backs,
Granny speaks
wisdom between easy Black Texas country twangs
i hang on
with my quiet brown eyes tracing her warmth wrapped around my skinny skins & bones

we aren’t alone here – Spirits –
while fish fries and collards steam
us dreaming together under high greens of pecan trees
these mean Us too
i imagine She, almost daily
hands just alike
souls reflected like twins generations apart yet together,
looking at self i am reminded as She replays
live your life



Did a little Dance (‘cuz that what I do)

in honor-

‘got my groove moving soon

then reminded of Those who made way for the now

‘got my lyrics listening to Soul

rollin’ like a Fro’s Black keys kissing at my feet

‘got my groove moving soon
Nina Simone’s lyrics will live on even after we’ve all gone. Lifted to the skies, flowing with the leaves of the trees.