Did a little Dance (‘cuz that what I do)

in honor-

‘got my groove moving soon

then reminded of Those who made way for the now

‘got my lyrics listening to Soul

rollin’ like a Fro’s Black keys kissing at my feet

‘got my groove moving soon
Nina Simone’s lyrics will live on even after we’ve all gone. Lifted to the skies, flowing with the leaves of the trees.

through print

am I still traveling to here
the here and now
that this is definitely what is happening

not happening with this pen
this pen in particular- tracing
lines wrapped around in curves,
I don’t deny Her, she feels like warm damp summer nights
so I cannot deny the other.

mother – I’ve began to praise her as, says
This is the time
Granny play pebbled streets and
She, too, I replace time with.

Still traveling here I think
feels Pecan trees and days spent there
Listening – swatting mosquitos; bitten
trying to keep ink steady
yet time <—– says
‘close eyes let this One…’

-have no idea what it means, lol-

laughter to smiles and tears to come
ever embraced and loved
We fit, it fits, these moments of,


(I need a Mandala. Paint? …crystals. (water))

Gorillaz – Noodle


Words all the Way to Texas – Trying words for You


the sheets haven’t been changed
yet, the washing comes to mind
somehow the sense
of smelling you laying there is
most important.
the memory or memories
of movement tingling through every inch of
now lying here
these kisses placed intently
right here fantasy replays melody echoed
exhaled moans of ecstasy.

i’ll just wash them later.

and she flag

inspired by the way you move with me
yet i can barely write about it
recite it mostly in my thoughts – or
recreating first all over again
with you brand new ideas plant and
write before my eyes,
reaching you takes no effort
i am silly in the winds carrying tune to your
rhythm, so i bounce
i tap my feet i smile and greet
your eyes to my sway
this way we keep on moving,

you’re designed by the minds of ancestors saying
our listening is good
paying attention to truths and what simply
feels write
right if my storm inevitably settles
at the sight of your calm
or my calm invites fully your pace,
we walk side by side
we cradle the grasp to remind
“i am here”
even our own lyrics steady, on our movements.

oblivious – kisses me whole
draped in a silken softness – then i
disappear – into ShEarth – with You – canvased
in Fall leaves – missing pleases the senses –
fading into Sun sets – wet with the remnants –
aromas deep dampened into the skin – once
felt by waterfalls – and sky high winds –
saw your hand there – so now the reaching feels certain
to the embrace of – finally – we’ve only been
seeking and not knowing – floating aimlessly
free – finally – awaiting the moments met with
first – longing between too many hours becoming
minutes to seconds so it’ll be again – kissing
you whole – draping you in the warmest indigo
hues – silkened softened – we disappear – into


Words all the Way to Texas-Comes To…


(In more than 1 way From more than 1 voice)

glad to be here,
thank You.
For many arms wrapped
around my hope,
helped guide my feet
trusting the weight of me.
Thank You,
for shoulder’s not physically
Yet Spiritually felt
these old tears shed then
-Knowing better would come,
It has – it still is
And I see it like life’s first
new day
newness to the Journey’s beginning
those ahead.
Thank You,
for the Voices that speak freely
even in stumbled verse
rehearsing from differentiating
I Know – I Am listening in more
depth than simply hearing,
and I’m glad to be here,
though some steps are wobbly,
much like a toddlers first stroll,
defined by the sweet sayings
of those Spiritually- Energetically
paths met purposefully.
To be seen
To be seen, and forward
striding to CREATE more
more of the Us, the Them, the We.

made Light from the Darkness,
making life to spark this way to be real,
to Heal in what is – One/Whole.
Thank You
Spirit Soul
Thank You
Ancestors; of Many
Thank You
Thank You
Earth She
Thank You
Thank You, –
Thank Me.